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Diploma of Nursing


The Diploma of Nursing has been designed to give you the up-to-date skills and professional insight you need to develop a long lasting career safeguarding the health of others. Throughout the course you will be equipped with the essential...

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Diploma of Counselling


The Diploma of Counselling can equip you with the skills to develop workplace strategies and resolve client issues. You can learn to recognise the importance of a client-centred approach to helping others and broaden your...

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Diploma of Community Services


The Diploma of Community Services can assist you to develop the skills and understanding needed to act as a genuine agent of change in the community. Throughout the course, students will understand...

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Diploma of Youth Work


The Diploma of Youth Work has been designed to empower those with an open and caring nature, enabling them to deliver support and guidance to young people. The Diploma of Youth Work can assist you in...

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Certificate III in Individual Support


The Certificate III in Individual Support is ideal for those looking to gain employment in residential aged care in Australia. In this course you will learn to deliver support and care for clients in residential aged care...

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Double Diploma in Community Services and Human Resources Management

CHC52015 / BSB50615

Our Double Diploma in Community Services and Human Resources Management can set you apart...

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Double Diploma in Community Services and Legal Services

CHC52015 / BSB52215

Act as a genuine agent for change in your community by learning the skills to support peoples’ social, psychological and welfare needs, combined with a broad understanding...

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Double Diploma in Community Services and Counselling

CHC51015 / CHC52015

​Our Double Diploma in Community Services and Counselling can set you apart and give you the interdisciplinary skills employers in a dynamic industry value. You can get doubly...

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Study Sector Overview

Careers Australia offers a large range of courses in healthcare, from nursing to counselling and community services. These courses are taught by highly experienced educators in world class facilities, with flexible study options available to suit your lifestyle.

Why not use one these healthcare qualifications to launch your career in one of our most vital and rewarding industries?

Employment in the Health Care and social assistance sector is predicted to grow up to 23% in the five years to 2020, creating up to 250,000 more jobs.

Why study with Careers Australia?
"The best part about Careers Australia is I think the trainers are fantastic and they relate to you on a personal level."

"They always encourage you and motivate you, and they do a fantastic job"

Marlizelle King, Graduate, Diploma of Business

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