Employability Programs

Career Development Program

Why Study with Careers Australia

The Career Development Program (CDP) has been developed to equip all our students with the skills to confidently apply for jobs and succeed in the workforce.

It is a voluntary program featuring a series of online, interactive lessons to help you learn the skills to search for a job, build your resume (including printable templates), perform confidently in job interviews and succeed in securing a job.

It consists of nine modules, each one taking approximately 7-10 minutes to complete, and is available online for all students so you can access it and refer back to it at any time throughout your course.


  • Develop the skills to seek and secure a job, and gain the confidence to start applying for jobs before you graduate
  • The CDP modules are short, interactive and online– you can work through them from anywhere, at your own pace
  • The CDP will help provide you with the actual skills employers are looking for

The online modules cover a wide range of topics designed to appeal to students with different levels of workplace experience, across a range of ages and skill levels, so it will benefit you even if you are already employed.

Topics include:

  • Finding the right job
  • Industry experience and vocational placements
  • How to write a strong resume
  • How to write a strong cover letter
  • Interview skills and commonly asked questions
  • Workplace success and your rights at work

If you have had minimal full-time work experience, or it has been a while since you were last employed or had to search for a new job, then the Career Development Program can help remind or prepare you for what is required in the workplace, including how to go about preparing professional documents and applying for jobs.

Careers Australia is proud to offer this program as part of our commitment to providing high quality education and training to all of our students. This program will help ensure that not only do you receive a valuable qualification, but also have all the skills you need to step straight into employment after graduating with your qualification.