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Industry Placement Program

Why Study with Careers Australia

Impress employers with your experience and land your dream job!

Careers Australia is proud to offer all of its Diploma students the opportunity to apply for hands-on industry experience through its Industry Placement Program or through compulsory Vocational Placements.

Run in partnership with leading work placements provider Australian Internships, the Industry Placement Program will not only give you a clear insight into your dream job, but you will also have an extra edge over other graduates when looking to enter the workforce.

The Industry Placement Program is not compulsory, and is open to all Diploma students nearing the end of their studies who are not enrolled in a qualification that already includes a compulsory Vocational Placement.

Once you are accepted into the program, the opportunity for a placement will be sought in an organisation related to your field of study and career interests.

Dedicated supervisors from Careers Australia and Australian Internships will support you throughout the entire process, giving you a clearer insight into working in your chosen field and providing feedback on your performance in the workplace.


  • You can gain exposure and practical experience in a real working environment in your chosen sector
  • Apply and develop the skills and knowledge you have gained during your study
  • Learn about behaviour and culture in the workplace
  • Build professional relationships and expand your networks
  • Greatly improve your chance of employment by adding your Certificate of Completion and details of your practical experience and new skills to your resume
  • Receive feedback on your performance in the workplace that can help with personal and professional development
  • Enhance your professional communication and teamwork skills

Testimonial: The Industry Placement program is invaluable to students because a lot of students are coming into the Counselling and Community Services sector knowing they want to help people, but not knowing in what way. They get hands-on experience seeing how a community service organisation works, it gives them job readiness skills, it makes them more employable, and it gives them a focus for their career goals. 

Valerie Hoffer, Educator Counselling & Community Services


  • Established in 1998, Australian Internships is a specialist organisation dedicated to arranging placements for young professionals seeking experience in their chosen field
  • With almost 20 years’ experience, Australian Internships is recognised as the global leader of industry placement providers
  • It was Australia’s first internship provider and is still considered the market leader
  • Australian Internships has placed more than 15,000 candidates from more than 80 nationalities
  • It has more than 5,000 active host organisations Australia-wide
  • It offers industry placements in almost all study sectors
  • Australian Internships is well-placed to assist students from a range of backgrounds, with staff hailing from over 10 different nations in its team

Careers Australia is proud to offer this program as part of our commitment to provide high quality education and training to all of our eligible students. The experience gained from this program will give you an extra advantage when looking to leap straight into employment after graduating.